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Welcome to Viking Mfg. Co.


A 21st century mental effect that WILL entertain, mystify and amaze your audience.Perform any time, anywhere, surrounded.



Great for table hopping!




Welcome to Viking Mfg. Co.



Over the last few months we have been searching for a way to bring our faithful customers a new shopping exprience in the field of Magic. Our goal was to bring the widest variety of Magic props to your computer screen; props from around the world and from the best minds in Magic. Well, we think we have succeeded!


OPEN SESAME: We bring you    Over 10,000 effects, books, DVD's and downloads, Magic effects created by some of Magic's brightest and creative minds, all just a click away. Log onto our new site: and prepare to be amazed. Never has so much quality  Magic been available in one spot. And as if this was not enough, our web site will be updated EVERY HOUR as we add new and excitng effects, DVD's, dowloads and more! We promise to find new and exciting products for your approval each and every day so check back often.


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UPSTAGEMAGIC.COM is the newest and most modern, up-to-date magical exprience of the 21st. century. You certainly don't want to be left out; visit us NOW.

Viking Mfg. Co.

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