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This is one of my favorite Card Box routines and works perfectly with our Euro Card Box. THE SPIRIT OF MARY JEFFERIES. The box is introduced as having belonged to a spiritualist who died in the late thirties. “Little was known about Mary Jefferies, except that she had the unerring [...]

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Cutting a Fakir in Half

This is a presentation I wrote up for my friend David Baldwin, who has since passed on. I made him a coffin to house the fakir in (I custom painted the Fakir for a realistic look). If you happen to have one of the old Fakir's laying around you might [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends. Carol and I wish you the happiest and most wonderful yet. We are thankful for you and your support. Blessings to all. George & Carol Robinson

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Review by Manyfingers for Palming Coins-12 pc.-Viking

Review by Manyfingers for Palming Coins-12 pc.-Viking 5 out of 5I just received my new "Palming Coins". They're the nicest coins I've ever used! They truly look like a real legal coin, and the edge is perfect for palming. I'm looking forward to doing The Miser's Dream again. Hope you [...]

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Magic For Children

HELP NEEDED: Attention performers, I need your input! Bert Easely published a book on Magic For Children back in the 50's; David Ginn and others have provided books on Magic for children but I have always felt that there was something missing in this genre. I have set out to [...]

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Review by David for Mento Card Box plus! Viking-Berg

Review by David for Mento Card Box plus! Viking-Berg 5 out of 5I purchased one of these three years ago. Excellent quality. I use it for a mentalist ESP card reading presentation, with my wife discerning ESP symbols on spectators cards that are pulled from atop the box where the [...]

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