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SHOP CLOSED UNTIL THE 10TH. OF AUG. Any orders placed between now and the 10th. will be shipped on the 10th.

Closed for Magic Live Convention.


Please note that you have shipping options which tell us how you would like your order shipped. The least expensive and least secure method is First Class. While the Post Office ‘says’ they can track 1st. Class shipments they can NOT track them going outside the US. Please keep this in mind when selecting the shipping method.

Insurance: We do NOT insure packages unless you ask, so PLEASE ASK if you are really concerned by adding the request in the ‘notes’ box upon checking out. Once we ship your order, we are NOT responsible for the carrier. If the package is lost or delayed, our hands are tied. We can not replace orders that are not insured. Request Priority Mail, FedEx or for over-seas orders DHL if you really want a safe delivery.


Notice: If you are seeing a Tax Total and your billing is not in Texas, please fill in the calculate shipping box on this page and it should clear the taxes.   We are currently investigating this issue and appreciate your patience.


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