I thought I would share with you the method of making your own wax inserts for Fire Flower. While we can certainly supply them, they are not hard to make.

Requirements: 1-10″ straight-sided white candle. These usually have a tapered, ribbed base and a pointed tip.

a. Cut off the pointed tip, but do not cut through the wick.

b. Cut off the base so you are left with a perfectly straight candle.

c. Measure your metal cup height and score your candle so that the end you will be cutting off is approx. 1/16″ taller than the depth of the metal cup.

d. Cut round the circumference of your candle but do NOT cut into the wick.

e. Pull up on the cut section of wax so that there is approx. an 1/8th of an inch of wick showing below the candle piece you need to use and cut through the wick leaving this 1/8th inch ‘tail’ of wick.

f. Fold the little piece of the wick flat under the small candle piece and insert candle section into your metal cup. (Make sure you have cleaned out all the old wax).

g. Heat the bottom of the metal cup so that the wax will melt just enough to lower the height of the wax candle so that it is even with the top of your metal container. Press the candle piece down into the cup as you heat it. DON’T melt the whole thing, just get the bottom hot.

h. Repeat for more inserts.

Hope this helps.