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HELP NEEDED: Attention performers, I need your input!

Bert Easely published a book on Magic For Children back in the 50’s; David Ginn and others have provided books on Magic for children but I have always felt that there was something missing in this genre. I have set out to produce what may be called an encyclopedic Magic For Children’s book specifically directed to Kid Show performers. As stated, there have been many publications in the past but few if any provide the tools to produce and entire act built around the entertainment of children.

My goal is to provide complete routines as well as individual effects, gags and prop suggestions that a children’s entertainer can use right out of the book or he can create his own show from the varied content. My search will encompass effects dating back to the early 1900’s and up to the present. The early effects will be brought up to date using present day materials as well as present day situations.

In order to provide material tested under fire, I need real-world routines from real-world performers, routine ideas, gags, anything you wish to share with fellow performers that will help both the amateur and professional develop and/or improve their shows.

Please feel free to send your material directly to me: [email protected] . All entries will be considered. Those chosen to be included in this tome will receive full credit for their material along with a free copy of the proposed book. Our goal is to collect dozens if not ten’s of dozens of effects, routines, etc. but this can only be accomplished with your help (This will be the largest book published of it’s kind). If you know of any children’s performers, ask them to help us by sharing as well.

What do we need: Please submit your routines, effects, gags, etc. in a word document. Include patter, staging, list of props needed, etc. If you have photos or drawings, please make sure they are clear and sharp and please submit them as JPEG attachments.

Note that all submissions become the property of Viking Mfg./Collectors’ Workshop. Any contribution used in this book will receive full credit. Ideas subject to manufacturing will remain the property of the submitter/contributor and will be noted as such.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from our magical brethren.


George Robinson Jr./Viking Mfg. Co.

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