13 Steps To Mentalism-Corinda

13 Steps To Mentalism-Corinda


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13 Steps To Mentalism-Corinda, 13 Steps, 13 Steps To Mentalism

Only 1 left in stock


13 Steps To Mentalism is just about the best Mentalism Book ever written. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned performer or just starting out, this book has a wealth of information that is the basis of most of what the pros are doing today.

Literally hundreds of mental effects, ideas, notions, predictions, divination’s, card effects, etc. You name it and you’ll find something here to satisfy all your needs. Almost any one of the many effects contained here is worth twice the price of this book!

  • Over 400 pages of instruction.
  • Hardbound with a great dust jacket.
  • Guaranteed to please.

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