3001 Micro Transmitting System

3001 Micro Transmitting System


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Our 3001 Micro Transmitting System is the most revolutionary two-person communication system available to the Magic fraternity. Magicians and mentalists alike will find our system amazingly simple yet powerful. You are no longer limited to 50-100 or even 300 feet radius. Your assistant can be anywhere in the world, yet the communication is as clear as a bell.

Our Micro receiver is so small; even in extreme close-up situations its undetectable. New technology has allowed us to offer the most incredible state-of-the-art secret communication between the performer and his assistant. Communication is possible by allowing a two-way conversation between ‘partners’. This opens the door to a myriad of mental miracles. Incredible book tests, drawing duplication, mind reading; complex mathematical problems solved almost instantly.

Complete instructions that include a vast array of possible routines. You are supplied with our Micro Transmitting System, ready to use. All you need supply is a cell phone capable of using blue-tooth.


  • The performer is on stage or at any venue. He asks several people in the audience to give him a mathematical problem, similar to this: 200 x 234 / 18 + 627 – 144 = ? The performer, in a matter of seconds reveals the total!
  • The perform stops by a news stand on his way to the event. He picks up several magazines, the USA Today and a couple of tabloids. During his performance he invites a couple of audience members to select any one or even two or three of the periodicals. They select a particular story, photo, ad, etc. The performer describes the selection to a ‘T’!
  • The performer is escorted out of the room and his paycheck is hidden somewhere in the room. He is brought back in and asked to find the check; failure means that he forfeits his fee. Through a form of ‘helstromism’ finds his check!

Reality-Check: His hidden assistant has secretly given the performer all the information he needs to accomplish all of these effects and more.

If you are looking for a unique, reliable, undetectable and cost-effective two-person communication system, look no further. Includes a 1 year warranty against faulty workmanship.


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