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A Modern Mystery Merchant, Modern Mystery Merchant, Modern, Mystery, Merchant, Mystery Merchant, Modern Merchant

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One of the very first to jump on the Magic Kettle bandwagon was Carl Hertz, an American who had enjoyed years of success in Britain’s music halls by performing Magic created by other magicians.

In his autobiography, A Modern Mystery Merchant, Hertz claimed that “a great friend and great scientist from America” mailed to him the details of the liquid air act, but he failed to name this great friend and scientist. A more reasonable assumption is that Hertz witnessed the Kettle Act during its first month at the Palace Theatre and immediately realized that its requirements were simple: a thermos full of liquid air and a healthy dose of showmanship. With his theatrical abilities already well established, all he needed was a source for the mysterious liquid.

Hertz will fill in the gap in your knowledge of magical history.

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