Astrostar by Edward Stein

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Long unavailable. A great Zodiac prediction effect with no questions asked!

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Astrostar is a very clever book test that doesn’t look like book test. It relies on the birth-sign of the spectator.

You present a horoscope book, as it is available in every bookstore, to a spectator freely chosen by the audience. The lady is asked to look under her zodiac sign. Meanwhile, you’re standing several feet away. Now the lady is asked to read quietly under one of the three areas of life mentioned, e.g. love, occupation, hobbies. She does not say under which area of life she reads and also not a single word about what is written there, only that the statements may not apply to her. At this point, everyone present – including the viewer herself – will swear that you have not received any information. And yet you now call the lady’s zodiac sign! An incredible effect! Your audience will think you’re a real astrologer or psychic.

You can even specify the week of the viewer’s birthday! If a doctor is present, and please only then, please state the exact date of birth of the spectator immediately and 100% correct!

With Astrostar you can present an effect that was not possible before: without any kind of pre-show work and without anything being written or asked, you inexplicably know the date of birth of a stranger. The technology can be used under all conceivable presentation conditions (i.e. also surrounded).

You will receive the paperback (10.5 x 15 cm) necessary for the demonstration as well as a detailed explanation with presentation suggestions for various routines.

Ted Lesley wrote: “You don`t have to be a math expert to perform it, because it needs simple basic mathematics only like adding and subtracting and that can be done by most of the school children. In the instructions is written, that you have to learn it properly and that will take some time, at least three. To be absolutely sure you can use a prompter card in color on which all the necessary.
Information are printed and my “apparatus” has the size of a quarter poker playing card. In fact I printed the numbers etc. on a label which I have stuck around a thumb-tip.”

No longer available.

Maker: Edward Stein

Condition: Mint

Ca.: 2003

From the Viking Magic Vault.

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