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Balloon Change Bag, Change Bag, Balloon, Bag

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Our Deluxe Balloon Bag is the finest on the market. A really great prop for children’s shows or for anyone using balloons in their act. A great item to use for the production of 260 animal balloons.

The performer displays an empty cloth bag whose interior is decorated with a balloon print. He realizes he needs some real balloons for his next trick but seems to have forgotten them.

Ah, he has an idea. He shows the bag inside and out, then he waves his hand over the empty bag. Now he reaches inside and produces handfuls of balloons! He turns the bag inside out again and all the balloons pictured on the cloth have VANISHED! The balloons that were once printed on the inside have now dropped from the printed cloth and have become real balloons!

The interior cloth of the bag is now just a plain color with no balloon printing.

Easy to perform, quality made by Viking to last a lifetime. Beautiful blue velvet bag with red trim complete with instructions.

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Weight0.80 lbs
Dimensions4 × 10 × 12 in


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