Bathing Beauty-early Abbott

Bathing Beauty-early Abbott


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From the Viking Magic Vault-early Abbott.

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The Poster Trick, also known as The Bathing Beauty-A stage magic trick were a picture of a woman at the beach is seen wearing a robe. The poster is folded in half and the magi reaches inside and removes a fabric robe. The poster is unfolded and the image has changed to that of a woman wearing a bathing suit. The magician folds the poster in half again, and reaches inside and removes a fabric bathing suit just like the one in the picture. But this time, when the poster is opened the woman is seen to be in the water and only her head and shoulders are visible!

Invented by Fred Culpitt; made by Abbotts.

Maker: Abbotts Magic

Condition: good for its age. With original inst.

Ca.: 1940’s.

From the Viking Magic Vault: Postage will be added to your invoice on all collectible/VMV items.

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