Beyond Okito-New style box

Beyond Okito-New style box


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Beyond Okito-New style box, beyond okito, okito

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Now manufactured by Viking for Definitive Magic! It’s not a Slot Box. It’s not an Okito Box. It’s not a Boston Box. But it will interface nicely with all of them!

Here’s a simple five-phase routine: On your table sit two brass boxes. One is empty; the other holds four half-dollars. Dump out the coins and show them fairly one at a time. Place them inside one of the boxes and replace the lid. With a magical wave of your hand, one of the coins penetrates the box. Place it aside and dump out the three remaining coins. Show them one at a time and place them back into the box.

With each coin the magic becomes more challenging. This time you do not replace the lid. The audience can see three coins in the box. As you lift the box, the second coin melts right through the bottom of the box. They can see the level of the remaining coins in the box drop a notch as the magic happens!

Remove the two remaining coins and show them separately and the box empty. Place them back into the box and replace the lid. Hold the box in the air and ask for an audience member to tell you when the magic should happen. On their word, the third coin is seen to melt right through the bottom of the brass box. Place this coin aside with the others. Only one coin remains. Have someone mark it with a felt-tip pen. They can place it back into the box. Place the lid back on the box. Take the other three coins and place them in the other coin box and replace the lid. With a magical gesture, you cause their marked coin to vanish from its box, and join the other coins in the second box ala Metamorphosis!

The grand finale follows. Take up all four coins and place them in the first box and replace the lid. The box is placed on the back of your hand. With a final magical gesture, all four coins penetrate the box and your hand! After the coins fall from your hand, simply take off the lid and show the box empty. This is the part where your friends at the magic club won’t have a clue as to what just happened!

Precision machined from brass with a high-polish finish. Sized to fit the United States Half Dollar or old-style English Penny. You receive an Okito Box, a Beyond Okito Box (Bo Box) and handling instructions in a booklet format for 2 great routines with each box, along with photographs.

The boxes come to you in a custom carry case which is padded for their protection. Download instructions are available in a password protected directory that you receive with your purchase.

Designed to use four US Half dollar sized coins.

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  1. TheRealMagicJack

    Definitely not your grandmother’s Okito box. The method is something you’d probably never guess and it’s one that allows the box to do things other Okitos can’t. It’s a more complicated secret and methodology but a very clever and well made one. As you would expect, the attractive brass piece operates perfectly and has some aspects to it where absolute precision was necessary and Viking hit the mark. It’s more delicate than the standard Okito box and some moderate care is needed in its transporting. I’m writing this review approximately 2 years after I purchased this but I’d like to add mine came with a matching standard Okito box and a nice padded with magnetic lid box to keep both safe inside. I imagine that’s still the same. If you’re new to the world of the Okito, the main prop you’re purchasing here may be a bit daunting but the duplicate regular Okito box will serve you well. For the Okito enthusiast I definitely recommend ‘Beyond Okito’. It does open a whole new window of possibilities.

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