Big Bang by Chris Smith

Big Bang by Chris Smith


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The ultimate borrowed exploding bulb.

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Big Bang is the ultimate exploding light bulb.

Place any ordinary light bulb in a clear bag – completely sealing it off. From this point on you never touch the bulb, and spectators can clearly see the bulb and straight through the bag.

Concentrate all of your mental energy on the bulb – IT EXPLODES! This unexpected WHOOOMMMPP!! stops the hearts of even the most hardened spectators.

You now are free to hand out the bag of broken shards, or safely dispose of the dangerous fragments in a nearby wastebasket.

Big Bang also allows you to borrow a quarter, and hold it in your outstretched hand in front of the bulb. Spectators can see that other than the bulb, the bag is completely empty. Now, two things happen at once – the bulb explodes as the coin visibly vanishes from your fingertips! You now show that the coin has instantly reappeared inside the remnants of the shattered bulb! This is an incredibly visual vanish and reappearance, all punctuated by the shattering of the bulb.

With Big Bang, you have complete control the entire time. Also, since the explosion happens in a bag, it’s safe to perform in any venue – from stage to close-up – and there’s never a mess to clean up.

Big Bang comes complete with everything you need – a precision engineered prop, supplies, plus an all-inclusive online instruction that covers both performances and explanations – you just supply any regular bulb.


* Spectators can hold the bulb through the bag.
* Do it completely surrounded.
* No special bulb or set up needed.
* Very simple to perform, so you can concentrate on presentation.

Here’s a brief clip of Big Bang on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Conventions. And the last clip is Neil Patrick Harris on Ellen using the prop.

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