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Black Art Well Tricks for the 80’s-booklet


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Traditional Magic never becomes old hat.

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By Peter Warlock; A Companion Book to Charlie Miller’s Black Art Well Tricks. Black Art Wells are very ingenious devices, and will never go out of style. The principle is too important to good magic. However, the ways that the black art wells are built into tricks, and the ways they are used, changes with the times.

Peter Warlock knows good magic when he sees it, and he keeps up with the trends. He has selected this group of black art well methods from his vast storehouse of magic material. Each of these can be built by the magician with a home workshop, with no great expense.

  • The Warlock Open Table
  • New Brian McCarthy Table
  • Warlock Tambo Table
  • Willanes Camouflaged Well
  • Warlock Black Art Lift Tray
  • Chocolate and Biscuits
  • Milk-Eau
  • Watch Handkerchief & Bran
  • Cut and Come Again
  • Diablo Flower Growth
  • Cocktails
  • The Original Jest Pip of a Trick
  • Tumbler Switch
  • Holmes Inexhaustible Table
  • Torn & Restored Card
  • Weathered Black Art Tray
  • Odds and Ends

Fully illustrated with plans and sketches for a series of diabolically clever tables and trays. 77 pages.

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