Bloody Hell by Panda Magic

Bloody Hell by Panda Magic


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Bloody Hell, self-igniting pellets.

In stock


Bloody hell (a strange name for this), allows you to start a ‘timed fire’. You receive a small bag of ‘fire pellets’ along with a clear liquid. To use, place the fire pellet in the tip of a cigarette for instance and a drop of liquid in an ash try. When ready, touch the tip of the cig to the liquid. Within a few seconds the cigarette will smoke and then the tip will burst into flames.

You can hide the fire pellet in a folded piece of paper for a Living & Dead test. The one with the pellet is in the folded ‘dead’ billet. Touch this to the liquid and in a few seconds the pellet/billet will smoke and flame.


Sold to adults only. You must be 21 to purchase.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .50 in


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