By Forces Unseen-Ernest Earick

By Forces Unseen-Ernest Earick


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A highly sought-after hard to find Hermetic Press publication.

Only 1 left in stock


Rarely does card magic come along as strikingly original as that found in this book. Its creator, Earnest Earick, has refrained from publishing his groundbreaking material for years – until now! When you flip through the pages of “By Forces Unseen” you will encounter chosen cards that fly from the deck when you clap your hands, cards that materialize at your fingertips when someone concentrates on them, selections that pop from the middle of the pack with the flip of your wrist…and seventeen other extraordinary events.

Another highly sought-after hard to find volume by Hermetic Press.

206 pages/Hardcover. Illustrated drawings by Kelly Lyles.

Maker: Written by Stephen Minch/Hermetic Press.

Condition: Mint with dust jacket.

Ca.: 1993

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