Caliph’s Cone-A Viking Original

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Caliph’s Cone-A Viking Original


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A beautiful, handcrafted brass cone Chop Cup. Highly sought-after effect. Only a few remain.

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A beautiful hand-crafted brass cone is displayed along with a small knit ball. The ball is caused to vanish only to be found under the cone. This is repeated a number of times when finally a completely different ball appears.

This is the classic Al Wheatly Chop Cup but fashioned from sheet brass in an unusual form. Very exotic looking. You can perform all the Cone and Ball effects with this as well as Chop Cup routines. Comes complete with detailed instructions, balls and hand-hammered brass cone.

This is a warehouse find; only a few of these remain. Highly collectible as well as a wonderful prop to perform with.

Cone measures 6 3/8″ tall; opening is 1 3/4″ wide.

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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

1 review for Caliph’s Cone-A Viking Original

  1. TheRealMagicJack

    Chop cups are an unspoken force in the world of magic. Not only is their history long and varied one thing is for certain, they’re justified in all of it. A skilled person with a chop cup can boggle the mind of even those in the know. The ‘Caliph’s Cone’ is a chop cone with a little bowl on its tip. Combining the chop cup principle with this unique shape and the supplied 4 balls (2 gimmicked, 1 matching un-gimmicked, and a larger final load), some interesting presentations are possible. The narrowing of the cone and the distance from the little bowl on top and the table strike quite the surprise when a ball jumps up to it and back down to the table again. It’s more visual than the standard chop cup fare and the unique appearance of the cone enhances the visuals.

    Do I have one gripe? Yes, but an unjustified one. The attraction between the cone and ball is quite strong and almost impossible to set the cone down without the suspicious hard landing needed to dislodge the hidden ball. First of all, this is a good thing. It means years down the road the cone will be equally usable. It’s better to have a strong magnet than a weak one. Secondly, with Viking’s awesome supply of an extra gimmicked ball, both gimmicked balls used together and the shape of cone make the connection between the bottom ball and cone perfect. One ball remains attached inside the cone and the other ball against it has the perfect attraction. It holds securely but can be dislodged with just a slightly above-normal place down. The 1st ball stays securely inside without care, no matter what you do.
    The quality goes without saying. It’s a Viking brass product and has both collect-ability and high quality build. It comes with a nice drawstring bag made for it specifically.
    Cups aren’t self-working and practice is required, but if you take the time needed or already have, you’ll enjoy having this. It also fit’s easier in jacket pockets than a cup shape.

  2. George Robinson

    Thank you for your review; I will double-check the strength of our magnets and adjust accordingly.

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