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Card to Wallet or Envelope-Viking


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A signed selected card appears inside a sealed wallet and or envelope.

In stock

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This is Viking’s version of the Deluxe Card to Wallet effect with repeatable feature.

The card is vanished and found inside the zippered compartment of your wallet. It can also be found inside a sealed envelope, inside the wallet. To top this off, you can now REPEAT the effect immediately.

That’s right. You can cause two cards to appear in your wallet in different locations or you can have the same signed card appear twice in the wallet. A unique feature not found in other wallets.

The routine included gives you a non-palming method to produce this effect.

Our Viking Wallets are made of select split leathers, top quality construction, with our hand crafted pebble finish. Supplied in luxurious black leather at a very reasonable price.

Why spend $65.00, or even $100 when you can get the same top quality for less than half the price.

Note: This is also known as Ken Brooke’s Working Performer’s Card To Wallet which includes the Le Paul method of loading for the second reveal.

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Dimensions 2 × 5 × 6 in


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