Casbah Deck-Reynolds

Casbah Deck-Reynolds


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If Charles Reynolds’ new Casbah Deck does not become your favorite new card trick, you’re missing out on areal winner.

Freely display a poker size deck of Bicycle cards; faces and backs; looks absolutely normal. Allow a spectator to make what they will swear is an absolutely free choice of any card. Ask them to remember the card. Now, have a second spectator remove two cards from the deck, face down. No funny moves or monkey business. The choice is really free. Ask the second spectator to hold the two cards behind her back. After a few moments of thought, she brings forward one of the cards. The first spectator names her card.

Let’s say it’s the Seven of Spades. The second spectator turns over her card and it is also the Seven of Spades! It looks like real Magic. It is real Magic.

The deck is provided with a neat manuscript written by Charles Reynolds and illustrated by Tony Dunn. Comes with many ‘rock-their-socks’ effects including a very good Card Stab!

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  1. TheRealMagicJack

    In the realm of force decks, there are so many great methods out there, it’s seems illogical for one particular method to take the crown as the best. I can’t say this particular deck deserves that accolade, but I’m not saying it doesn’t. The method here is extremely practical, and visually impossible to figure out because how freely it can be handled. if you’re handling it as such as on a stage, there is no better deck. It’s not rough and smoothed, long and shorted, up and downed, anything like that. The deck can be shuffled and very freely handled, something impossible with the Svengali deck or similar methods. If you knew the secret, could you build one for 20 bucks or less? Possibly, but it would be close, once time, effort and materials are tallied up. Instead, it’s worth splunking the funds here while one is available and tadaa, instant awesome deck to mess with heads!

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