Change Bag Single Load, Green


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Change Bag Single Load exchange, production bag.

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Another prop you just can’t do without. This is the ‘one-handed model’ with flat handle made of wood; bag made of soft velvet material.

Single load Change Bag: This will enable you to change one object for another or show the bag empty and then produce a silk hank, rope, a dove, etc.   The performer shows the bag empty by turning it inside out. As an example: A soiled white handkerchief is placed inside the bag and when removed it is bright and clean. Or the hank is placed into the bag and the bag turned inside out, only to find a live dove instead!

Another example: The performer displays a length of rope which he cuts up into small sections. These sections are placed inside the bag. A wave of the hand and when the rope is removed it is seen to be tied in various knots, the bag otherwise shown empty. The rope is then pulled hard and the knots vanish completing the restoration.

This is a guaranteed magical winner that you will use for adult and children’s parties.

Will exchange, vanish or appear silk hanks, ropes, cards, billets, toys, candy, and even produce a live dove!

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Dimensions 2 × 10 × 12 in


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