Chiseler Cigarette gag with card

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Chiseler Cigarette gag with card


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Chiseler Cigarette pack-rare. Comedy item from the past.

Only 1 left in stock

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This is a rare cigarette related gag from the 40’s. Chesterfield Cigarettes, made in Japan. You lightly squeeze the pack and the Chiseler sign pops out. Still in very good shape for its age. Metal construction. Try to find one for less! This version with the name Chesterfield is rare because Chesterfield did not give permission to use their name. Later versions were called ‘Clesterfield’.

This pack was modified by an early magician and used to produce a playing card.

Ca.: late 1940’s

Condition:  Good (rust on the interior, does not affect working).

Maker: Japan novelty.

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Magic Vault item.

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