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Chop Cup-wooden, Natural Wood Finish-dark


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The Chop Cup is used to make small balls appear, vanish, multiply, Made of select mahogany.

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Now available in Epoxy gloss Black Finish or Asian Mahogany finish.

An exquisite, hand-turned Asian Mahogany Chop Cup, manufactured in the Viking style of precision and craftsmanship; either in a natural dark mahogany finish or our new Gloss Ebony/Black finish.

A wooden cup and a red ball are used to create real magic. The cup is placed mouth down on the table and the ball caused to vanish. Lifting the cup reveals the location of the ball. The cup is again shown positively empty and set mouth down. The ball is now placed on top of the inverted cup. The performer slaps his hand against the top of the cup causing the ball to vanish… or so it seems until the cup is lifted revealing the little red ball. Finally the ball is placed in the performer’s pocket, but it capriciously returns to the cup. The ball is once more removed and placed in the pocket. Is it under the cup? The spectator lifts the cup only to find a real lemon!

Our wooden Chop Cup has no equal. There has never been such a beautifully produce wooden cup available to the Magic fraternity.

Our Cup is hand-turned from select hardwoods, and hand polished to a satin finish. Cup measures 3.5″ tall and 3″ across the opening. Comes with two gimmicked balls and complete instructions. Guaranteed satisfaction. Made in the Don Alan style.

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