Coin Ladder-Viking Design

Coin Ladder-Viking Design


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Coin Ladder-Viking Design

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One of the most beautiful Coin Ladders you will ever use. Practical, elegant and magical.
Imagine plucking dozens of silver coins from the air, allowing them to cascade down a musical ladder. As each coin descends, it produces the rhythm of the musical scale!
The ladder is tuned to produce a clear and pleasing melody with each drop of a coin. The built-in coin dropper will produce 12 coins, dropped singly by your touch. For the finale, a crescendo of 15 coins cascades down the rungs of silver to the bowl below. This is accomplished by a built-in coin dumper.
This exquisite piece of equipment is trimmed in aluminum. The front and sides are clear acrylic, back painted a dead black to make the polished aluminum rungs and silver coins stand out. The acrylic allows the full beauty of the cascade to be viewed in any stage setting.
Because of the solid back design, additional loads may be hidden, making this a logical place from which to steal a final load of your choice.
The Coin Ladder stands 35″ tall. 11″ wide and 10″ deep. Supplied with heavy-duty carpet casters. 
Available for half-dollar sized coins or dollar-sized coins (specify when ordering). The dollar-sized droppers will work with our Viking Palming Coins as well as Ike Dollars or similar-sized coins. Use your own coins.
A custom remote control coin dropper is optional for an additional $175.00.
Custom ATA case available. Inquire.
NOTE: aluminum rungs easily removed for shipping, polishing or replacement.

Note2: A new photo will be added soon, as the style has changed a little.

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Weight35.00 lbs
Dimensions18 x 18 x 32 in


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