Color Pen Prediction 2

Color Pen Prediction 2


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A great colorful prediction.

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This is a modern version of Anverdi’s Color Choice, a great invention by a master creator.

Color Pen Prediction is a prediction effect considered as a “Best” for several years.
The magician presents a pencil pot containing Sharpie markers of different colors: blue, yellow, black, red, purple and green.

The magician gives a “prediction” envelope to a spectator.

A second spectator is then invited to color in different parts of a drawing. This can be a house, clown face, flag, etc.
The spectator takes a second marker and colors in another portion, say the roof of the house. Then he colors in the door, walls, tree, etc. using the balance of the pens, a different color for each portion. The magician has his back turned, can be blindfolded and even be out of the room.  At no time does he see the marker chosen by the spectator, or even the drawing made in color.

The second spectator finishes his painting, the magician asks the first to open the envelope to take out the sheet and show it to the audience …
The envelope contains the exact duplicate of the drawing created by the spectator.

Note that:

  •  The magician never sees which marker is chosen by the viewer.
  • Other presentations are possible as for example: the spectator and the magician stand back to back.
  • The spectator is invited to choose a marker and draws a symbol (square, circle, etc.) The magician is able to reproduce symbols with the same colors.
  • No assistant, no public affair.
  • Comes with 6 markers sharpies of colors and fully examinable.
  • You also receive the pot with all the electronic equipment necessary for the effect of which a receiver.

Version: 2.0 Super Luxury (with leather pot and 6 markers Sharpie)
The difference with the first versions are the distance from the receiver.
In this new version, 6 Sharpie felt are included compared to 5 in previous
Also, the pot has been manufactured in a more practical way. No more risk of accident when the spectator will put the felt inside.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in


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