CREATION a CW original

CREATION a CW original


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CREATION: An incredible transposition; truly magical.

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Creation (A Collectors’ Workshop Original) is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ inventions developed by Rich Bloch and Nick Rugierro. The thinking behind this fabulous and beautiful effect is inspired to say the least.

We are very proud to continue the tradition established by these two wildly inventive people but adding our finishing touches to this wonderful now classic effect. Please note that we have improved the chain connections, which now avoids the problems of the chain breaking as in the original. This one improvement will extend the life of this effect exponentially. The 24K gold plating also keeps the finish bright and clean for many years.

EFFECT: The performer displays a beautiful brass cage, which he calls a Tibetan Prayer Lantern. He then asks for the loan of a ring. The ring is placed inside a small wooden box, which is retained by the spectator.

A ‘prayer sheet’ is now pushed onto the chain that supports the lantern, which just covers the top of the lantern. The performer asks for the loan of the box, which contains the ring; he recites a silent incantation as he carefully shakes the box. Suddenly the rattle sound emanating from the box stops. The box is returned to the spectator who is asked to open the box, which is now found to be empty.

The spectator is asked to touch the prayer paper to the flame of a candle, which causes the paper to burst into flames. Instantly and visibly, the vanished, borrowed ring appears sealed INSIDE the brass lantern.

It is impossible to remove the ring from inside the lantern unless the lower chain is removed, and the cage sections unscrewed. A truly IMPOSSIBLE transposition.


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