Crystal Coin Vanish Case

Crystal Coin Vanish Case


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Crystal Coin Vanish Case, Coin Vanish, Crystal, Coin Case

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The Crystal Coin Vanish Case is probably one of the most inexpensive BUT GREAT gimmicks for vanishing a coin you could ever ask for. Anyone can use this to vanish almost any sized coin.

The vanish can be done surrounded and at a moments notice. Simply remove the rubber bands, insert the marked coin, replace the clear covers and replace the bands. The coin is securely locked in place. The little frame is placed in the center of a handkerchief which is folded over and handed to a spectator.

The performer can now introduce a small box like our $link(28, Quarter-Go Box) or our $link(284, Brass Nest of Boxes) (any production unit you may have on hand). The spectator opens the hank and finds the container still sealed with bands yet the marked coin has vanished!

The performer now directs the spectator to the little wooden box which is opened only to find the marked coin inside.

What we supply you with is the clever and simple-to-operate Crystal Coin Vanish Case plus detailed instructions; you supply the hank and coin. Don’t pass this up just because it’s inexpensive; it’s worth more than you think!

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