Dancing Ring-Zimmerman

Dancing Ring-Zimmerman


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Dancing Ring; a wild routine where a ring dances on top of a length of rope.

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Zimmerman’s Dancing Ring… When does an effect become a classic? hard to tell, but Zimmerman’s Dancing Ring seems to fit the bill. This effect has been used by discriminating performers for over 40 years! Maybe it’s time you enhanced your act and reputation with a proven winner.

Effect: A two-foot length of rope is freely shown. Suddenly, a brightly colored 3″ ring VISIBLY appears on the rope. It slowly and visibly penetrates the rope and begins to dance along the surface of the rope. Then just as mysteriously, the rope curls up and ties itself into a real knot around the ring!

The know visible melts away as the rope becomes ‘electrified’ vibrating as if charged with electricity. Finally, the rope slowly curls up through the ring and ties itself into a real knot around the ring!

This is a prize-winner miracle that has taken Dick around the world. It is a reputation maker and can add variety, Magic and mystery to any act. Comes complete with ring, rope, gimmick and detailed instructions.

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