Dean Dill’s Box-original

Dean Dill’s Box-original


Out of stock

An original MINT Dean Dill’s Box.

Out of stock


Original, never used. In original box. Mint condition.

Solid ropes and a solid metal ring enter Dean’s Box, then magically pass through each other in this mystifying multi-phase routine.

The performer presents a container but never explains what’s inside. He proceeds to take two ordinary ropes … and they are … and place them into each end of the cabinet and out through the top. For a moment he covers them. When he releases them they are linked. He does this once more under even more impossible conditions and they join again. As a climax a solid brass ring is introduced…and it is solid. One of the two ropes is freely chosen and thread through the holes in the box. The ring is thrown inside. When the front of the box is opened the ring is now on the rope. Solid through solid, not once, not twice, but three times under ever increasingly impossible conditions.

This is a beautifully made box with a really wonderful series of three effects with some rope and a ring. It is easy to do, though it takes some handling practice.

This is not a cheap Chinese copy. Purchased from Dean during his first introduction at the Desert Seminar.

From the Viking Magic Vault.

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Condition: Mint; VHS inst.; original box.

Maker: Dean Dill

Ca.: 2003

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in


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