Diamond Cut Silks18″ Blue

Diamond Cut Silks18″ Blue


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Diamond Cut Silks-medium size, diamond cut silk, diamond silk

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Diamond-Cut Silk-A revolutionary idea long in coming.

Conventional wisdom states that a standard silk should be a square. But, if you think about it, a square is rarely the best shape for magic effects. By simply redistributing the surface area into the shape of a diamond, you end up with a vastly superior utility item-The Diamond Cut Silk!

This means that, instead of a small 12″ square, you can produce an 18″ Diamond Silk from the same space. You can produce twice the number of silks from any production box. You can speed up your appearing and vanishing canes, creating a stronger illusion.

In short, for virtually all applications, unless you must open up the silk to show it as a square, a Diamond Cut Silk is a superior product and a more intelligent solution.

A great idea from Jay Scott Berry; silks produced by Magic by Gosh. Top quality.

Colors currently available: Red/yellow/green/blue/black/purple/turquoise/white/orange. Approx. 25″ long, tip to tip.

You are purchasing a BLUE 18″ Diamond Cut Silk Hank.

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