Doubloons Pirate Coins, Doubloon-pewter-quarter

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Doubloons Pirate Coins, Doubloon-pewter-quarter


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Doubloons-Gold-quarter size, Doubloons, pirate coins

In stock

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3 Pewter Doubloons per package (US Quarter size).

Pirate Coins-Pieces of Eight! Shades of Blackbeard or Harry Potter!

If you are looking for realistic replicas of gold, silver and pewter (aged silver) doubloons, we have them! Our Doubloons come in three sizes and in three finishes.

Coin size is relative to US coins as follows: US Quarter, Half-Dollar and Silver Dollar. They are available in both bright gold and silver and aged silver (pewter).

These are exact replicas of the Atocha treasure found some years ago off the coast of Florida. Very impressive; use an any coin routine; great for Spellbound moves, etc. You can even have a jeweler plate one side of a coin (silver or gold) and you will have a great ‘copper/silver’ effect.

The price quoted is for 3 coins per package. Place order for 1 package or more.

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Weight0.40 lbs
Dimensions1 x 5 x 6 in


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