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Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks-Clark


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Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks,Clark, Cigarette, Book on Cigarettes,

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Keith Clark’s Encyclopedia of Cigarette Magic is by far the most complete book on this subject. Highly guarded secrets from seasoned professionals waits those that are interested in this almost lost art-form.

The secrets gleaned from these pages can be used to vanish, produce, change etc. other similar items such as pencils, crayons, cigars, etc. This book was written when secrets were guarded and so it has been written in such a manner that the casual observer will not be able to figure out what the sleights are, etc. You have to read the section on ‘the code’ before you will understand the contents. A neat feature from a by-gone era.

I highly recommend this book to any serious student of sleight of hand. Soft cover version of just over 300 pages with detailed explanations and art-work.

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