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Putting it all together – that’s what makes the difference and this package does just that!

The ESP Origins deck is based on the ESP cards designed by Karl Zener and made popular by Joseph Banks in the early 20th century.

Your spectators will have no doubts about their authenticity. Sam Hayles, a world-renowned graphic artist, designed the back. The marking on the backs of the cards is efficient and effective. You can read it easily, but your spectators will not even suspect the cards are marked, much less be able to see the marks.

In addition to the ESP cards, the deck includes all of the cards needed to perform the 10 routines described in the booklet, along with several bonus cards that you can put to use in your own mentalism routines.

The ESP Deck • 25 ESP cards (five of each symbol), blue backs and marked

  • 5 red ESP cards, marked
  • 5 cards numbered 1 to 5, marked
  • 5 blank cards, marked from 1 to 5
  • 5 double-faced cards for each symbol
  • 10 additional cards allowing you to perform all of the routines described in the booklet.

The Booklet A number of leading mentalism performers have worked with us on this project. The 48-page booklet includes 10 routines, with illustrations by Tony Dunn and superb graphics and design work by Beno�®t Drager. •

  • Synchosis – Max Maven
  • Viewed ESP Prediction – Richard Osterlind
  • My Charlier Shuffle – Armand Porcell
  • ESPitome Location – Sylvain Mirouf
  • ESP Vision – Armand Porcell
  • ESP Taytelbaum – Ludovic Mignon
  • Protocols – Christian Chelman
  • Marked Thought – Bob Mason
  • ESP Mind – Sylvain Mirouf
  • ESP Assembly – Armand Porcell
  • Similitude – Armand Porcell

Additional case: The package also includes an additional thin case that can hold 25 to 30 cards, allowing you to perform your routines as originally intended.

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