Final Curtain-Borodin

Final Curtain-Borodin


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Very hard to find, now out of print.

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LIMITED SUPPLIES…In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing repertoire that he has used very successfully as a mental magician, a bizarrist and a storyteller. The secrets here have been carefully guarded. They are the ones Borodin did not want to reveal until the time was right. And now is the right time! The 24 routines from the original German work are contained here, as well as an additional 12 new routines that were prepared especially for the English edition. FINAL CURTAIN is a chamber of mental treasures that will be difficult to put down, once you have started to read it. BORODIN has been called the king of the storytellers. PUNX called him his “master student.” FINAL CURTAIN will show you why. FINAL CURTAIN will show you the way. The book is hardbound in the same format as SHEHERAZADE. There are 36 routines, from several different branches of magic. Most of these are story pieces with a bizarre twist. Some of the material is from Borodin’s early work on German Television. Three hundred fifty pages long, with excellent story and mental themes. The serious student of this genre will find this book a “must have” for his library.

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