Flash Feathers


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Flash Feathers vanish in a flash of fire.

In stock


Flash Feathers are a great intro to producing a dove or changing the feather into a white silk hank. These Flash Feathers look like real white feathers. Instantly vanish in a flash of fire.

This is a NEW, VISUAL, PRACTICAL and VERSATILE prop for any serious Dove manipulator and also suitable for any performer willing to make an impressive production out of a Flash Feather!

There are countless ways you can produce Flash Feathers. Imagine taking a feather out of one your doves, burning it and producing another one from it! You can palm them, you can hide them in a Dove pan, split them into two, even let one feather fall on the ground, reach out for it and produce a Dove in fire! The possibilities can be original and crazy! Limited ONLY by your imagination!

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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in


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