Flying Silk-Levitation Booklet

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Flying Silk-Levitation Booklet


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Flying Silk-Levitation Booklet, Flying Silk, Invisible Thread

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Chris Brent has come up with a levitation system that can work just about anywhere. Sets up in seconds. No body loads or connections. Float a silk hank or a paper napkin or dollar bill or a Bic pen in the middle of a large hall, away from everything. No connection to the mic, table, you or anything close to you. Can be performed surrounded. This is not a static levitation. The silk actually moves up and down and away from you.

Have dinner at your favorite restaurant then stand up and offer to do a card trick. Hand the card box to ‘Harvey” and it just stays suspended in mid-air as you walk away from it and perform your effect.

Sure it uses a special strong elastic invisible thread, but it’s the combination of this thread and Chris’ new system that will blow your mind.

Now being used by leading pros around the world.

Listen to these actual statements: Sean Bogunia, “It looks great, I had no clue how it was done”. “It’s beautiful”, Norm Neilsen. Doc Eason, “It fooled me badly.”

And it will fool and amaze anyone you show this to. Great for large auditoriums, halls, restaurants, even close-up.

Complete manuscript along with a large quantity of ‘special’ thread. You’ll be amazing yourself in 10 minutes, guaranteed!

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