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A very unique and new prediction method. So clean and direct.

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As seen at FISM!
Finally, German mentalist Stefan Olschewski shares one of his most closely guarded secrets that got him standing ovations when he performed it in his famous “DWARF” act at FISM.
Glassandra is not a trick.
Glassandra is the ultimate prediction device, so versatile you will find literally hundreds of applications.
Imagine a prediction that is isolated in a glass, covered with a silk. You never have to touch the glass and yet you can predict playing cards, drawings, colors, money or whatever you can imagine.
You freely and openly remove the cloth, have the spectator take the scroll from the glass – and your prediction will be 100% correct. Every time!
Glassandra is the brainchild of Cassandra (his popular prediction system).
Stefan has refined and updated the stage version of Glassandra to make the device more versatile, organic and innocent-looking than ever before.
Each item is hand-made according to Stefan’s exact specifications – ready for you to perform miracles!

  • Use any glass
  • NO sleight of hand
  • You never touch the glass
  • Suitable for magic and mentalism
  • Perform stand-up or close-up, or even surrounded
  • No load, everything is self-contained

Experience the power of Glassandra. The most organic prediction device ever.

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