Growing Tie, Green


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Growing Tie, tie

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Comedy Growing Tie.

This has been a staple for more than 100 years; used by early comedians, vaudeville acts and contemporary comedians, magicians and clowns.

A normal looking tie, seems to grow inexplicably each time the performer turns from side to side or as his routine progresses.This craziness never fails to bring gales of laughter. The longer it gets, the more ridiculous the situation becomes, the more they laugh.

Beautiful quality tie at the beginning… slowly begins to grow without the performer realizing it until it is over 6 FEET LONG! It actually drags across the floor……. “I don’t get any respect….” to quote Rodney Dangerfield.

Made by our in-house seamstress using the finest material; quality workmanship as demanded by Viking.

Currently available in RED, GREEN and BLUE with other colors being added soon. We will also custom make from your material (inquire).

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