Haunted Hank


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An eerie Haunted Hank effect.

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One of my favorite effects, so much so that I will include my personal routine with this effect. So much can be done with this simple but strange and spooky effect.

One presentation: A simple colorful pocket hank is folded and used as a ‘ghost trap’. Without any overt movement on the performer’s part the hank begins to move as if something small is crawling around under the hank. Suddenly, the center of the hank pops upward several inches and is caught by the performer who shakes it out only to find a small card with a drawing of a ghost.

Another: A borrowed US Quarter is placed in the center of the hank and the hank folded over it. The hank begins to pop up and down as if something was trying to escape. The hank jumps upward and when caught, it is shaken out and the Quarter has vanished.

This is the current version of Glorpy or Hyram the Haunted Hank. Self-contained. Nothing is attached to the performer, no threads or magnets.

The best $10.00 you will ever spend.

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