Headless Lady-Osborne

Headless Lady-Osborne


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Osborne Illusion Plans make building easy.

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The Headless Lady is a classic effect, now made easy to build with Osborne Illusion plans: It’s not a flimsy illusion, but rather a prop that looks the part.

This familiar sideshow illusion is of the “display” variety. The performer exhibits a young lady who, through some horrible accident, has lost her head, yet she remains kept alive by an intricate set up of tubes and wires running to a built-in life support system. This illusion is ideal for haunted houses, spook shows, sideshows or exhibit displays. You can view it up close and it totally defies explanation from the layman’s point of view.

The plans themselves are a work of art and would make a welcome addition to any workbench or library. Three pages plus instructions.

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