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A self-lighting light bulb that is 100% transparent. Impossible to find the gimmick.

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This is by far the best remote control CLEAR bulb I have ever seen. Every aspect screams REAL BULB. You can see the tungsten wire and blown glass base. There is just no indication that this bulb is gimmicked, yet you can cause it to light brightly, even in a well lit room. The bulb can be held by a spectator and they will actually feel the heat from the element inside.

Highly professional; supplied with charging USB cable, remote control unit that can be placed almost anywhere on your body and detailed instructions. New quieter remote.

Please note: Professional quality prop. It is made of real glass so care must be exercised.

Highly recommended.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

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  1. Genie3453

    Helios is the best self-lighting bulb on the market today. The performer is 100% in control at all times and can be 35 feet or more away from the bulb. The prop can be used in many mentalism effects including Seances, as a Spirit Bulb, etc. When placed into a spectator’s hand they will feel the heat from the bulb as it begins to glows. I also like that the glass is clear so everyone can see the filament as it lights up. It is easy to use, USB charging and is well worth the purchase price. Put the power in your hands and in your next show with Helios!

    Gene Voshell

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