Impossible Penetration-Miller-Viking

Impossible Penetration-Miller-Viking


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Warehouse find. Early Miller Impossible Penetration units.

Out of stock


A thin plywood “Blade” with a handle on the top and a hole in the center is shown quite freely to the spectator. It certainly appears very innocent in all regards. Also, a wooden case or holder that the plywood blade slides into is shown just as casually. The case holder is made in such a way that it splits in half from its top to wooden base The case also has a hole that aligns with the hole in the blade. The blade is placed into the holder to show the working of the blade and how the holder opens.

The blade is then raised up out of the holder and the spectator is invited to place his finger into the hole in the case. The magician slams down the plywood blade, then splits the case at the bottom allowing the holder to come free of the spectator’s finger. The finger is now in the hole in the plywood blade, apparently, it has been penetrated. An IMPOSSIBLE PENETRATION!!!!!! Everything can be examined. It is set-up ready for the next performance.

This is a warehouse find. Early Viking/Miller Impossible Penetration Finger Chopper. Limited inventory.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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