Universal Nut (Impossible Screw)

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Universal Nut (Impossible Screw)


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The Impossible Screw…It MAGIC!

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An amazing, confusing and magical effect. The Universal Nut is a measuring device used by machinists to test the threads on certain sized nuts. One end of the gauge has a small diameter threaded section while the other end has a large (double the size of the smaller end) threaded screw end. The performer shows how the impossible can be possible with Magic.

He displays a small nut with a hole size that will just fit onto the smaller of the two threaded ends. He threads the nut onto the smaller threaded section and has the spectator remove it. Next, he begins to thread the nut onto the larger end, but of course, this is IMPOSSIBLE…. until the performer uses Magic. The small diameter hole is easily screwed onto the much larger threaded end!

The performer removes the nut and it is seen that the hole in the nut can in no way accommodate the larger threaded end…It must have been Magic!

No switches or cover of any kind during the presentation. Precision brass instrument complete with detailed instructions. Made in typical Viking fashion. Complete with detailed instructions.

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