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Continuous Cigarette production.

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A very clever continuous cigarette production effect. Mint in original box. never opened.

The hanger hole is peg-worn, but otherwise mint.

The magician exhibits a handsome cigarette case and you explain that this case is essential to any smoking magician because this magic case can create cigarettes on request of the magician. Opening the drawer, the spectator see that three cigarettes remain. One is taken out and placed on the table. A magic wave, some hocus-pocus, and the box once again holds three cigarettes. Again one is removed. Abracadabra! Still three cigarettes in the box ! Then you explain that this case may also help magician to limit his consumption and suddenly, there is only one cigarettes in the box. Was it all an illusion ? No, because to finish you open the drawer once more time and the case is completely filled with a dozen cigarettes. Unbelievable. No matter how cigarettes you remove from the case, the supply seems inexhaustible. Infinitum is a tantalizing magic trick.

From the Viking Magic Vault

Condition: Mint. Now discontinued.

Mfg.: Tenyo, T116

Ca.: 1984

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