Jumbo Card on Seat CW original

Jumbo Card on Seat CW original


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Jumbo Card on Seat-original CW effect.

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CARD ON SEAT-A fabulous routine; packs small and plays REALLY BIG!

This is a new original Card on Seat by Collectors’ Workshop. The mechanical version.

With considerable regret on the part of Chuck Fayne and Rich Bloch, both of whom use this fabulous bit of business in every show they can, CW releases this to the public. Here’s the outline:

Performer brings two folding chairs on stage. Seating the spectator in one and himself in the other chair, the performer offers to turn the magic-doing over to the spectator:

  • “YOU BE THE MAGICIAN”, he tells the spectator, “and repeat what I say. I’ll do as you instruct.”
    Now, cued by loud stage whispers from the performer, the dialogue is as follows:
  • (Performer): “Please look through the cards and select one.”
  • (Spectator):’Please look through the cards and select one.’
  • Performer does so.
  • (Spectator): ‘Please show your card to the audience’,(repeating the stage whispers of the performer).
  • Performer waits impatiently for spectator to turn away and finally shows card to audience.
  • (Spectator): ‘Now, sign your name across the face of the card and replace it in the deck.’ (Performer does so).
  • (Spectator): ‘Your card has now vanished from the deck.’ (Performer looks through the deck and indeed the card has vanished; all cards are shown to the audience, etc.).
  • (Performer): “Believe it or not, you’re sitting on it.” (Spectator repeats the performer’s words).
  • (Performer): “No, YOU’RE sitting on it.”
  • (Spectator): ‘No, YOU’RE sitting on it.’
  • (Performer): “No. YOU’RE sitting on it, take a look,” and gestures for the spectator to stand up and look under his/her seat.

Sure enough, the performer’s signed jumbo card is resting on the chair, underneath the spectator!

This effect has already become a classic in this modern age. Top performers around the world owe much to Chuck Fayne (and Karrell Fox, for the basic concept) for this wonderful and entertaining bit of mayhem. The comedy and Magic value far exceed the price of the effect. Everyone wants a killer effect in their routine…CW offers you one of the best!

 No forcing, no sleights so you can devote your precious time to entertaining, which is what this is all about!

Comes complete with chairs, cards and full instructions and road case.

A Collectors’ Workshop Original! Do NOT be fooled by cheap imitations or variations being offered by unscrupulous builders/dealers.

NOTE: This is being sold for a customer; never used the effect. It has been tested and is in mint condition, working perfectly. These have been out of stock for several years so if you are looking for a killer routine, grab this. One only.


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