Kabuki Streamers-regular red

Kabuki Streamers-regular red

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Kabuki Throw Streamers by Viking Mfg. Co. Top quality paper streamers. Each throw has red streamers.

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The best Throw Streamers at any price! Now improved with new satin red paper. Longer, cleaners throws every time
Used by leading rock groups, singers and magicians; our Kabuki Throw Streamers have been used by professionals the world over. The Pointer Sisters, The Pendragons, The Majestix to name a few.

Our regular size will shoot out approx. 20 strands of weighted white streamers 20 to 25 feet! Small and compact, they can be hidden easily in the hand. Sure-grip tab (a Viking Exclusive) insures that the packet doesn’t go sailing out into the audience.

A great finale for any Snow Storm routine or use the streamers to produce a dove, etc.

8 throws per order. These are red streamers per throw. Beautiful and visual.

Use any time during your routine by making a tossing motion with your hand, and 25 feet of red tissue streamers shoot out and over the heads of your audience.

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