Khyber Kobra-refurbished

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Our Famous Khyber Kobra-one only!

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Khyber Kobra: One of the most sought-after Collectors’ Workshop originals. An incredible comedy routine where a snake rises out of a basket only to provoke laughter and mayhem. A card is selected by an audience member and the entire deck tossed into the basket. After some cajoling the Khyber Kobra makes her appearance; she then goes back into the basket and searches fro the card. cards fly out of the basket and finally she reappears with a card in her mouth…BUT IT’S THE WRONG CARD… Dejected she goes back into the basket and finally comes up with another card..This proves to be the selected card!

Incredible workmanship; the snake does it all and you simply concentrate on your presentation. Our Kobra has never failed to be the hit of every party. Kids love her and so do adults. They never get tired of watching her perform.

This is in very good condition, completely checked by our service dept. Comes complete with basket, extra snake and custom case.

We have ONE ONLY. This won’t last long. Not currently being made and hard to find. NOTE: This is a consignment and does not qualify for free shipping. Points can NOT be used on this purchase.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions28 × 28 × 28 in


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