Latex Egg-Tissue to Egg

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Latex Egg-Tissue to Egg

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A torn tissue paper visibly changes into a real egg!

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Product Description

The performer takes a piece of tissue paper about 6″ square and balls it up. he tosses the paper into a brandy glass or on the surface of a spread out fan. Rolling the tissue about in the brady glass causes it to expand and visible change into an egg. The egg is now broken to prove that it is a real egg.

There are several versions of this egg, from real duck egg skins to rubber eggs, but we feel that this latex egg out performs many of the others.

  • First, latex is easy to care for. Simply wash with a mild detergent like dish soap.
  • Second, our version is the right size for most routines and has a natural egg-shell color.
  • Third, it collapses easily into a small 1/2″ square bundle.
  • Fourth, our egg begins to open quickly so no long drawn out process.
  • Comes complete with detailed instructions. Egg measures 2 1/4″ long-wise.
  • Can be used as a comedy production item; produce from your wallet, etc. than break to show it is a real egg!

Additional Information

Weight.10 lbs
Dimensions3 x 3 x 2 in


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