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Mastermind Deck


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Any card-Any Number.

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The Mastermind (Any Card At Any Number) Deck is very popular among working pros and has been featured on many television shows. The routines with it are endless because at its core it is likely the best forcing deck ever made. And the best part is that it comes in Bicycle cards and is available in four varieties so you can repeat the performance with different outcomes.

The two routines (or one two-phase routine) explained in the accompanying instructions and demonstrated on the video trailer is direct and outstanding. It combines one of the cleanest card predictions where a freely picked card matches your prediction. The selected card is lost back in the deck and a second spectator names a number between 1-52. Amazingly the selected card is found at that number.

The cards are ingeniously gaffed and there is absolutely no sleight-of-hand involved. The special deck does all the work for you.

Comes complete with a specially printed deck of Poker-size, red Bicycle cards that were printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Available in four varieties: Two of Clubs, Two of Diamonds, Three of Hearts, and Three of Spades. Please specify which deck you want when ordering.

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