Milk Thru Head


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This will have them rolling on the floor!

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This effect makes a hilarious picture… Imagine this:

An empty tube is displayed and placed on the table; an empty glass is then placed inside the tube. A mug of milk, a length of rope and a long funnel complete the set-up. A volunteer from the audience is asked to help. He places the one end of the rope in one ear, the other end going into the tube. He now places the end of the funnel in the other ear…(Are you seeing the comedy here.)

Next, the milk from the mug is poured into the larger end of the funnel; the milk passes through the funnel, into the ear and out the other ear along the rope! The climax comes when the glass is removed from the tube, NOW FILLED WITH MILK! Crazy Fun!!

You are supplied with all the props (you supply the milk or Oom), and complete instructions.

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