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Colorful Paper Streamers from the mouth!

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Product Description

Colorful Mouth Coils have been a staple accessory for magicians and clowns alike. This is a great comedy interlude that can be introduced into your act at any time.

The performer displays a small sheet of tissue paper which he proceeds to tear up. The torn pieces are placed in the performer’s mouth under the theory that the tissue will be removed completely restored. To everyone’s amazement, the paper becomes a 25 foot colorful paper streamer which is pulled and pulled from the performer’s mouth.

The torn pieces can be restored in the hand with the same effect. The performer causes the torn pieces to reassemble themselves into a 25 foot colorful streamer.

You are supplied with top quality colorful paper streamers, 12 to a package. Notice our special price.

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Weight.50 lbs
Dimensions4 x 4 x 1 in


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